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Looking for something extra-special to give to the Love of your Life? Any time is a great time to have yourself photographed as a Pin-Up Girl, or you can coordinate with a holiday such as Christmas, Hanukkah, or Valentine’s Day. Birthdays and wedding anniversaries are great, too. I’ve even had brides give their albums to their grooms on the wedding day; what a lovely surprise!

Of course, you could also do this for yourself! It’s a great way to celebrate your new figure after carefully eating healthy and exercising when you’ve reached your goals.

At Honey Bee Photography, I offer these sessions as an event. I have a couple of stylists who pamper you with makeup and hair, and then you come into the camera room with me for the session. The final magical touch is done in Photoshop, where I transform you into an illustrated pin-up girl, of the likes of Gil Elvgren and Robert Vargas, the true pioneers of Pin-Up history.

I also offer Pin-Ups as a portrait party. It’s all done at the studio so you don’t have to clean your house! Get your session for free and earn free portraits with a qualifying party. Find out more!

The main question I’m asked is if I provide costumes. I have a list of great ideas that you probably already have in your closet, plus I provide plenty of accessories and props to make your session extra fun and spicy!

Note: Honey Bee Photography’s Pin-Up sessions are really like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and I haven’t seen anyone in the local area do quite what I offer. Contact HBP for more information about Pin-Up Sessions.

“I saw a friend of mine's pin up photos and I loved them. I loved them so much that I nervously called Honey Bee Photography to make an appointment and ask some questions. I was super nervous when I arrived for my make-over and photo shoot. Megan instantly made me feel comfortable about the shoot with her personality. The make-up artist did my hair and make-up and I was amazed at how great it all looked! Very retro but very beautiful and a little sexy! I changed into my outfits and was still nervous, but Megan was so great with direction for poses and looks it was so much fun and I forgot all about my nerves. When I saw the photos after the session I was completely amazed at how good they looked, I even had a hard time picking the ones I liked the most! So when I got my printed photos and the book I was speechless!!! I can't even put in words how amazed I was with these photos!! My husband was also in awe of how beautiful I looked! I love love love the way these pictures turned out!! It was such a great and personal gift for me to give my husband..... He also bragged to everyone about what an awesome and sexy gift I gave him!! These are sexy but not trashy!! I am not afraid to show them to anyone who asks to see them because they are so tastefully done! I have told anyone and everyone who asks that they should have these done!! For me this was a once in a lifetime choice that I am so happy I chose to do!!! Megan is an awesome photographer who makes this such a fun experience and her finished products are breathtakingly beautiful!! I can't thank her enough for making me a "pin-up girl" !!

A million thanks to you Megan from me and especially from my husband!”

-Robin Rodriguez

These ladies are real clients of mine, and as you can see, they really enjoyed the entire experience. We make the entire experience fun and relaxing, from the moment you come for your makeover to selecting your outfits that you’ve brought with you, to the posing and styling, to the choosing of your images, and finally, your beautiful portraits and albums!

Many ladies ask about clothes and shoes. We don’t offer outfits at this time; if we did, our prices would be much higher. We do, however, have a recommended list, and more than likely, you already have these items in your closet:

  • Pencil skirt -Corset
  • Silky blouse
  • Capri jeans
  • Husband’s dress shirt
  • Husband’s (or yours!) military uniform blouse
  • Heels, wedges, kitten slippers
  • Tasteful lingerie that fits well
  • Thigh highs without the elastic (these need the garters to go with the tasteful lingerie)
  • Daisy Duke Cut-off shorts
  • Sexy military costume from a costume shop
  • Cheerleader uniform
  • Ball gown
  • Pearls
  • Anything red, black, leopard print, or with feathers or fur

This is just a quick list of items. Use your imagination for your outfit choices. Look at some illustrations from the 40s and 50s, and check out modern imagery from other artists, too.

We have, at HBP, a whole bunch of props and accessories for your session, from fascinators, boas, chairs, and all kinds of items to have fun with. We continually add to our collection of Pin-Up accessories and props. It’s so much fun at the session; it’s like playing dress-up, only for ladies!

Now, reading through this, you’ve probably been thinking, “This all looks great, but how much is it?” I can understand how you feel, getting all excited about doing this and then look at the prices and your budget. Many others have felt the same way. Here’s what Jen Riehn had to say about that:

This is to anyone thinking about doing a pin-up shoot but still unsure about it..... First off Megan is an amazing photographer and I don't get anything by saying that. She has a way of making you feeling comfortable in your own skin and relaxed. Secondly I wasn't too sure what to expect or what to wear but she gave great guidance. In the end my pictures couldn't have turned out any better. I ordered the book and will forever have them to treasure. I enjoy showing them off, which I was sure I wouldn't do. So if you are unsure, just trust Megan's creativity and enjoy the shoot. You will never forget it and your special loved one will absolutely go nuts about it!

In the Pin-Up section of the portrait industry, most artists start charging at $300 or more just for the session fee, and that doesn’t include outfits or makeovers. Packages can start at $2,000 and up! At HBP, we try very hard to keep our prices reasonable for all of the boutique photography we offer, and that includes the Pin-Ups as well. A makeover and one-hour session starts at $200, and our packages start at $350.

All of our work is printed on beautiful metallic paper, which adds a dimension to your portraits and albums that luster paper can’t possibly fill with Pin-Ups. This includes both portraits and albums. Portraits that are 11x14 and larger are mounted on a stiff board to keep them from getting creased. The Deluxe Albums that we offer with the Pin-Ups are “stay flat”, which means that when the book is open, the image is easily viewed without have to straighten out curved paper. They include a beautiful leather cover, and you can choose from two sizes. Your portraits are made to last, and as long as you keep them away from direct sunlight and such, you will be able to enjoy them for a really long time.

At Honey Bee Photography, we offer a “tears of joy” guarantee. This means that if you aren’t absolutely delighted, then we will either refund your session fee or re-do the session. We take great pride in our work and want our clients to take great pride in their portraiture. We offer a payment plan as well, and accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We’ve considered accepting diamond earrings and pints of blood, but then we’d have to get someone else involved, and that could be a crazy situation.

We have had so many satisfied clients over the years in regards to Pin-Up photography, the ladies have loved their images so much, and their husbands have gone gaga over their gifts from their wives. This is a “once-in-a-lifetime” kind of event to do, why not do it this year? I know that you will love your images too, treasure your artwork, and your husband will always love that you did this just for him!

If for Valentine’s Day, the dates don’t work out, don’t worry, I’ll do these periodically over the year, usually one a quarter. However, if you have girlfriends who love pin-up photography, too, why not consider a Pin-Up Portrait Party at my studio? You’ll earn your session for free, plus get a print credit of 10% from the sales at your party.

For more information, please call me at 240-565-0361. I look forward to hearing from you.

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