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Date: 7/7/2017 3:18 PM UTC

I talk to people all of the time about their families and the special connections that they all have.  

When I ask about their moms and dads, their voices change.

“My mom sacrificed everything for us growing up.  I love her more than anything.”

“My dad was gone a lot for work, but when he was home, he played with us and did projects with us.  I was really lucky.”

And then I ask them about now.  What do they mean to them?

“My mom and dad love each other so much.  They’ve been married for 47 years and I think that’s wonderful.” (For the record, so do I!)

When I bring up doing a multi-generational session, the first words are usually, “Oh, my mom won’t do that.  She hates photos of herself anymore.”  Now, this makes me sad, because we all age, and that’s a celebration in itself!  To have a beautiful photograph, surrounded by the most important people in one’s life, your progeny, is an amazing thing!

I want to mention something here.  The 3-generation photograph is not necessarily for the grandparents.  Of course, they’ll want one.  But do you know who the photograph is really for?

The grandchildren.

It is for them.  It is for them to look back on and remember that day, if they can, with misty eyes and have a moment in the sunshine, where they played in Grandma’s yard and helped pick veggies from her garden.

That photograph is going to be treasured and cherished long after Grandma and Grandpa have crossed over.  This is a photograph that the grandchildren’s grandchildren will look at and wonder that they were ever that age.  They will see it proudly displayed on the wall, and feel that legacy of ancestry, that where they came from and who they look like.

So when I talk to someone about these multi-generation photographs, I give ideas on how to speak to them.  The first thing is celebration, married for 47 years, all the kids and grandkids are there, and it’s a reason to celebrate.  The second is capturing those moments, where Grandma is holding her youngest grandchild on her lap, and surrounded by her beloved grandkids.  The third is memories, because photographs help trigger memories, keeping them fresh and alive in their thoughts. 
There’s a beautiful story behind every meaningful photograph, and such a photograph will mean much more as the years go by.

I want to encourage you to really consider what a wonderful gift you are giving yourself and your kids when you tell your parents what you’d love to do and why you want to do it.  And, when you display your artwork on your wall, in a place you’ll see it every day, you’ll be able to feel those emotions all over again.

Bee in love with the artwork of your life.

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Date: 5/26/2017 1:19 PM UTC

What is a Gift Certificate Competition?

Every once in a while, here at HBP, we love to celebrate relationships by offering competitions.
A competition is different from a contest.  A contest is usually a drawing of some sort.  A competition is based on specific content, and here is where you get to share your heart, and tell us what you love most about people like,
                                                                 Your family
             Your siblings
                                                        Your parents
                    You and your partner
                                                                         Your children
Wait, what?

My team and I go through the entries and choose the very best one for the grand prize winner.  A winning entry might go something like this:
My sisters and I grew up together with a lot of love in our home.  We are now separated by miles due to marriages and careers, but we get together every summer at the shore.  I’d love to celebrate the fact that we are now all in our 40s with a photo shoot so that we can remember how awesome we are!

Sometimes, the competition is very specific.  I’ll look for families who never get to spend quality time at the dinner table any more due to kids at sports, mom and dad pursuing education and careers, all the while juggling visits to Grandma’s house every 2 weeks.  That’s just one example of so many!  All of the entries should be themed around something in this statement that resonates with the person entering the competition.

Next, we’ll go through each entry, and choose the ones that make our hearts sing.  Then we’ll decide on and call the grand prize winner, and the first place winners as well.  Together, you and I will discover some really wonderful things about who you want to include in your session.  We’ll also talk about what your gift certificate covers, and how you can use it.

Our session is going to be unlike anything you’ve experienced before with a photography session.  Together, we’ll have fun, we’ll savor the moments, and we’ll soak it all in.  Every little bit.  Because your session is about those moments that we create together, so that every time you look up at your artwork, you’ll relive those moments and feel those same feelings again and again.

Next is our party!  We’ll get together at your home with a Premiere and Design Party, where we go over your photographs and put them together in designs that are meant to impact your lives every single day!  It’s the first time you get to relive those moments from our session, so having everyone, present,  who was photographed is important.  It’s a beautiful part of the experience because it gives you just a quick taste of what’s to come soon after!

Finally, the moment arrives for our second celebration:  when I come to your home and deliver your artwork to you!  This is like Christmas morning, where your anticipation bubbles up and you feel like a kid again, as you can’t wait to open your artwork!  Having everyone there for the delivery is also important, because experiencing this together is a bonding moment, as everyone soaks the artwork in.

We think that this is the perfect way to celebrate relationships, and are certain that you think so, too.  Keep your eye out on FB for our next competition, and start thinking about what you might say to get that winning entry!

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Date: 4/20/2017 9:29 PM UTC

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Date: 4/11/2017 9:40 PM UTC

Why You Should Consider Artwork to Celebrate Your Love with a Forever Session

Marriage is certainly one of the hardest things to manage in most people’s lifetimes.  Because it consists of two people who are very different from each other, who are trying to learn to compromise and serve each other, and who sometimes just fall short of the other’s expectations, rough patches can be tough on the relationship. 

This doesn’t mean that It will always be tough.  There are plenty of beautiful moments that help to soften those rough patches, that loving couples soak up and savor.  As most humans are very visual creatures, they are most influenced by visual media.  Having small mementos of recent adventures around the house is fun, especially on electronic devices, and being able to see it at the push of a button is delightful…  until your device breaks, or falls into a puddle.  Or the media corrupts.  Or the Cloud rains.

When a couple has been together, and married, for twenty-plus years, the tendency is to put the children first with school and sports, to work hard, and to create a savings account to live well after retirement.    As the years go by, time becomes more and more precious for parents as they navigate through a multitude of schedules.  It’s difficult for most couples to get a romantic weekend away, let alone a Friday night date of dinner and a movie.

Time is cherished by such couples.  Taking the time to celebrate your relationship through artwork will help oft-busy couples reconnect with each other, especially during periods of business travel, or opposite schedules.  Because of the presence of such poignant artwork, the reminder of love you have for your partner is always visual.

Why, yes, you did have wedding photos done, and yes, there’s the token snapshot of you, together…  but do they convey the emotional part of your relationship, as it is now?  Wouldn’t you love to have a bit of time together, to soak up everything you love about each other, and really have that moment to treasure for years to come?  Wouldn’t that be amazing, to share, during your experience, these beautiful sentiments with each other, and attach that admiration and desire for each other to your artwork?

Every time you walk past your artwork, how incredible would it be to feel those feelings?  To fall in love all over again?  To imagine you are feeling his embrace, or smelling her perfume, every time you see it in the corner of your eye?  It’s an amazing experience to be able to relive again and again.  As much as the words I use to describe this experience, the only way to know for sure is to go through your own photographic experience.

Finally, the artwork that you display in your home of you and your partner should be a celebration of the love you share with each other.  This is a milestone that you have in your life, and it’s just as important as the milestones your children enjoy.  You have every reason to celebrate! 

Be in love with the artwork of your life. 

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Date: 4/4/2017 3:57 AM UTC

Over the years, I’ve come across a lot of moms who stress over all the things about getting ready for their photographs:  the clothes, the background, the kids, the partner… so much to manage!  No wonder so many Moms of Two think to themselves, “Oh, there’s so much going on, I’ll just do it Next Time.”

Before you know it, Next Time comes, and goes, and guess what?  It keeps getting pushed away, with a vague sort of intention.  Eight years and two children later, there are no photographs on the walls of the whole family, when your second child was two.

Moms of Four now have no photographs of smiling parents and children, gathered together in the safe haven of a loving embrace, on the wall, for everyone to see.  Do the younger children ever wonder if they were just dropped off one day?

Moms, I give you permission to dream about having a beautiful family photography experience.  I give you permission to stress less over outfits and locations.  I even give your partner permission to enjoy the time together.

Discovering what is most important to you is the beginning of your journey.  Take this time to savor each family member, and soak them in.  Reconnect with your partner, discuss more about life than the bills.  Coming together as individuals who interact with each other genuinely will be more evident in your artwork when approached in this fashion.

Planning your photography experience, photographing exactly what you want, and creating artwork that is perfect for your home are the next steps.  This is necessary, because without this crucial part, all we have is a potpourri of photographs that we don't know what to do with, and then it becomes a mundane moment.  The magic can only come when the steps are followed.

Finally, the best day comes, and that is when I deliver your artwork to your home.   As you open each piece and lovingly touch them, you'll recall what it was like that day, with the warm sun on your shoulders and your children’s giggles ringing on the breeze.  You’ll fall in love with your family all over again.  As the artwork goes up on your wall, you'll fall in love again.  And every time you pass it by, you'll fall in love again, and again.

You see, the artwork on your walls can truly impact your life, and each of your family members' lives.  Let this artwork be a guide for your family, to remind you of how you love each other, even when times are tough. With artwork, it's easy to be able to feel that love, every single day.

And that's all that matters, right?

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Date: 1/15/2016 5:01 PM UTC

Stay tuned for more details!

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Date: 8/15/2015 5:24 PM UTC

Are you sporting a new look?  Did you just lose some weight and get toned up and you want to celebrate your beautiful figure?  Are you looking for a boost to lift your spirits and discover the real beauty you possess inside and out?

Honey Bee Photography Presents Starlet Sessions.

This is a transformational experience that you'll always remember.  Every time you look at your photographs displayed, your confidence will soar and you'll smile, knowing that you look as gorgeous today as you did the day of your Starlet Session.

What's a Starlet Session?

A Starlet Session is a fun, dress-up kind of session for adult women who want to have photographs of themselves that are fun, flirty, fashionable and show off your personality.  Done from the waist up, you can bring in several tops in which you can change your look.  Ladies bring a variety of clothing:  evening wear, something sexy, favorite tops, or they prefer the bare shoulders look.  Sometimes they'll bring a little bit of everything, and also change their hair a little to go with their outfits, add different accessories, or change their lipstick.

In the camera room, I'll help you pose, dance a little, shake your shoulders, and make you laugh.  If you have long hair, we'll give you a little bit of wind.  If you are figure-conscious, I have all kinds of tricks in the camera room as well as in post-production to help you look your best.  I can promise you, we'll have a LOT of fun.

When you get to see your photographs, you'll be amazed at your transformation!  You'll choose your favorites, which will be all of them, (of course!), and be thrilled with your selection.  The anticipation of what comes next is hard to bear.

The next part is the best, though.  When I deliver your artwork to you, you'll be dazzled by your prints.  Whether you choose beautiful Metal Portraits for your home, an album, a Treasure Box*, or one of my many other products, you will enjoy these for years to come.  It's like a holiday morning when you get to open your gifts to yourself!

Are you excited about the possibilities of seeing yourself in a new light?  I'm excited to help you! Give me a call at 240-436-2169, and let's talk about you and what you are up to.  I'd love to hear your stories and help you find out what's most important to you.  Then we'll get to work, and prepare for your session.  I have some hair and make-up artists to whom I can refer you.  

Let's do it!  Let's uncover your true beauty, inside and out.

For an example of a Treasure Box, please visit here:  http://www.honeybeephotography.com/thehiveblog.html?b_blog=P4O9d+kaqNjaCwUadkW9rtWnMvVIYW7a2l8TS/sddeEgOJlFjyYAk+tcwYcZA8Y=

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Date: 6/19/2015 4:54 PM UTC

I interview a lot of beautiful women every week, some of them happen to be expecting and are so excited for the next chapter of their lives.  When I ask them how they feel about their pregnancy, usually the first thing I hear is:  "I hate how I look."

My reaction is:  "Let me show you how very radiant and beautiful you ARE."  For when I see a woman, in her maternal glow, blossoming with child, even with her uneven gait, I see a woman with secret dreams of holding her sweet newborn, blissful, and filled with joy.

The smile that plays upon her lips, when you know she's thinking about the babe who is growing within her.

Her hands that unconsciously touch and hold her belly every chance she gets.

The tired but satisfied sigh she gives when she sits down to put her feet up at the end of the day.

Her hair that has grown and has increased in strength and shine due to her pre-natal vitamins.

Her peaceful glow that just emanates from her, and lights up the room.  It is tantalizing and contagious, causing all who love her to gather 'round to feel the baby kick.

That's just some of the beauty which I see.

Let me help you see it.

When I spoke with Lauren about her session, I knew that we were a perfect fit.  She drank her water from the same type of water bottle that I do, AND she loves blue hydrangeas!

I had the opportunity to speak with both her and her husband and they were so excited to have their sweet baby.  He spoke of his love for his wife and unborn child.  Tomorrow or the next day, they will get to meet their sweet girl.  Finally.

This baby has two siblings already, Sadie the Yellow Lab and Bandit, the sweetest little black lab mix EVER.  She will be protected by these two and I can foresee a lot of playtime in the future.

As we planned her session, I had the most incredible vision, and I told her about it. I suggested making a maternity gown that resembled a blue hydrangea blossom.  She said:  "It sounds magical!"

Here are some of the four of them together.

Bandit and Sadie

Mom and Dad

The rest of the blue Hydrangea set.

Just incredibly beautiful.

Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your family.  I can't wait to meet your baby!

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Date: 5/20/2015 6:44 PM UTC

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Date: 5/20/2015 6:32 PM UTC

Here's the continuing saga of Sweet Michael!

Daddy Rides a Harley!

Proud big sister!

Did I mention that they are Packers' Fans?

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