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Be in love with the artwork of your life.

Honey Bee Photography Mission Statement

At HBP, we really believe that having a beautiful family portrait done

requires more than taking a pretty picture.

My clients have entrusted me with a rare opportunity.

To see them.  To really see them like no one has before.  Ever.

To hear them.  To hear their stories and discover

what is most precious to them.

To feel their emotions.  To help them slow down and really think

about how they feel about each other.

To bring a love that they have for each other to life, and

immortalize it in beautiful artwork, to remind them of who they really are,

regardless of anyone else’s judgement.

To bring to life their stories through photography,

which is priceless.  The worth of their stories is far greater in their eyes

than we might ever know.

To help them be able to see the love they truly

have for each other, every single day, with

contemporary artwork for their homes.

At HBP, we strive to make a difference for our clients,

from the moment we’re on the phone to the day

we deliver their artwork to them.

 Be in love with the artwork of your life.


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