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I photograph you as who you are, not who I think you should be.

I ask questions like these: “What makes your family unique?” “If you could have the perfect day for your family, what do you love to do?” And one of my most favorites: “Why is that something that you enjoy doing together?”

And I get this question all the time: “What does this have to do with taking photos of my family?"

I love this question. I love it because I get to be raw and authentic with my client and share with them my philosophy about photography and relationships and emotions.

I believe that photography and experiences have the power to help transform people and the relationships with their families. I believe that I can help siblings connect with each other. I believe that I can help parents understand their kids a little better.

How do I do that? Simply by asking questions. From those answers, I’m able to create a custom session for you that reflects exactly who your family is. These are photographs that tell the story of who you are, from where you are coming, and to where you are going.

Anyone can take cheesy photos. Heck, you can do that with your cell phones. But I work on emotion, connection, and love. I know that in the future, every time you pass by your artwork, you’ll relive those emotions that you felt during your experience.

How do you want to feel when you pass by your artwork five years from now?

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