Meet Megan

Yay!  It's you!  I'm so glad you're visiting my website!

Did you know that many people hate to have their photographs done?

I love working with them!  Out of curiosity, are you one of those kinds of people?

You see, I work with my clients inside of an authentic space, so their photographs represent who they are right now.  Confused?  Let me explain more.

My main specialty is working with families with older kids, and women who are entering a new chapter in their lives.

I help you to:

Reconnect and rediscover what you love about yourself and your loved ones.

Create a personalized session experience according to your lifestyle.

Enjoy beautiful artwork for your home that makes a positive daily impact on every member of the family.

Professional Branding clients enjoy a similar experience.

Discover your WHY and how you want potential clients to feel when they see your photographs.

Create a personalized session according to your discoveries.

Tell your story for your website, social media, and print marketing.

I'd love to hop on a discovery call with you!  Please visit here to give me your basic information, and I'll call you at the time you request.

Please visit our social media pages for all the latest news and see what I'm working on next.


Recent Work

Blended Families

When the Bonus Kids come visit, a family photography experience will create a positive daily impact for everyone!

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July is
Santa at the Beach

Visit with Santa during the off-season.
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This Is Me

Entering a new chapter in your life?  Celebrate by rediscovering yourself and creating artwork to receive the affirmations of how wonderful you are.

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