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Studio sessions are making a huge comeback. Gone are the stiffly posed studio looks. This is Studio 6.0!

The benefits of choosing Studio 6.0 sessions

• It’s a controlled environment
      o Kids can’t run too far
      o The lighting is consistent
      o At my home studio or I can set up in your home
• Instead of wet grass, bugs, mud, and heat, you’ll be in air conditioning
• It’s easier for
      o People with mobility issues
      o People with young children
      o People with outdoor allergies
      o Changing outfits
• Time sensitive
      o Less time prepping for the session
      o Sessions are about :45 for a family of up to 4 members
             This includes brief breaks for young kids
      o We do a Zoom session to choose your favorite photographs
             You’ll have around 25 photographs to choose from
• Approximately 10 subjects can fit in my studio sessions o Depends on the background
You’ll have so much fun! We’ll do a Zoom session shortly after your photography session to go over your photographs. You’ll choose your very favorites. Pricing is simplified with Studio 6.0 Sessions.
• There is a $100 session fee.
• Digital files, retouched, are $100 each, and come with a 5x7 fine art print.
• There is a minimum purchase of $500. How we set up your session.
• We’ll discuss outfits that coordinate with the area in which you’ll be displaying your photographs.
• We’ll talk about hair and makeup; I work with a wonderful MUHA
• We’ll talk briefly about your family and how you want to be photographed.
• We’ll briefly discuss any props that you may want to incorporate into your photographs.
• This phone call lasts for about a half hour. You’ll receive a follow-up phone call the day before your session to confirm and answer any questions.
Recommended subjects for Studio 6.0 sessions
• Families with younger children
• Older couples celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary
• Businesspeople who want traditional headshots
• Women who want a Lifestyle Pin-up session

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