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Imagine being at home, at the end of a long day. You come home when everyone else is in bed. You enter your family room and as you pass through to the kitchen, you catch a glimpse of the photographs that you had done with me.

As you pass through, you relive those emotions that you felt throughout your photography experience: pride in your kids, passion for your partner, self-love for yourself. As you look at the photograph of your kids and your fur baby, you remember with deep affection how amazing your dog is with your family, and how much you love him.

You feel rejuvenated, just enough, to get a few of those little chores done before you go to bed. As you cleanse your face, your eye wanders to the crystal set of photographs of the two of you, and you remember how your partner whispered in your ear, "Do you know how beautiful you are?" Even as your partner snores loudly and rolls over, you still feel the tingles from that moment.
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